AC Cube

A specific open Workspace for vertical Development Chains

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App Cel has designed a very special kind of workspaces that are built as quickly as possible – the „AC Cubes“ .

These are movable but lockable rooms that are equipped with complete conference technology (seating, electrics, video conferencing, etc.). The AC Cubes can be moved freely across the entire area of App Cel, depending on which machine environment is required for the respective project. All required machines can be grouped around the AC Cubes, which significantly shortens distances and times and creates a kind of „development world“. In this way, specialists from suppliers can be directly involved in the development both: on site and remotely. The AC Cubes thus form the heart of the creative work in App Cel.

At the same time, the AC Cubes are quick and easy to assemble and dismantle and can therefore also be used in other locations quickly and without great effort for events such as Trade fairs are used.

Development Partnership

The AC Cubes become a central piece of the entire process of development for which we developed models of partnerships which are completely different than just a „branding“ – and much more.
Around those cubes we’ve defined a model of a comprehensive partnership which means that the branding partner is given the opportunity to collaborate directly in the development of our customers. Perhaps not always with personal presence of one of your colleagues (this might also be dependent of our customer) but at least you’ll get a detailed report about which machines were used for which project and what was the experience or about the challenges that arose and so on.

Here you find more about how to take profit as a partner of AC Cubes.