App Cel – become a Partner of Success

At the moment we’re finalizing the last financial details and we’re defining contracts with our suppliers of machines and systems. But actually the network has already started. And so first inquiries for product developments from different countries in Europe are already in the pipeline.


we’re hiring people right now!

Yes, we’re hiring! We offer to freelance designers, developers and other specialists to join our project: either as business partners / shareholders or on a regular freelance work basis!

As App Cel Shareholder you’ll participate and profit in our promising project.
But shareholders not only get their share in the business success of App Cel but they’ll also have the opportunity to rent the capacities of App Cel at better conditions.
If you’re interested please send us a short contact note here. -> AC SHARE

As an App Cel Developer you’ll get an intense training on all our machines and systems which lasts five days. After this training you’re not only qualified to earn money with our customers but you also can rent the capacities of App Cel at better prices than regularly.
If you’re interested please send us a short contact note here -> AC DEVELOPE

App Cel will not build up its own production, but will certainly advise customers on the selection of potential partners or production sites. Possible production inquiries are on demand and on request by customers placed especially in Europe, but of course there are also very good connections to producers in the Far East, to whom inquiries can be made at any time.

We’re working on it – it’ll be coming soon!