App Cel – the concept

Development of functional apparel and textile softgoods

Our App Cel will be a studio for the development of prototypes of apparel and similar textile soft-goods. We develop for brands not only functional apparel from design on paper up to production maturity. In order to be able to carry out even complex challenges, App Cel will be equipped with the most modern machines and technologies for the realization of even the most innovative design ideas.

App Cel offers not only the development of a physical prototype of apparel but also helps brands to keep up or even get back the speed of the innovation of materials and technologies that are also in line with modern ideas of sustainability. We also accompany our customers in the digitalization of a process chain with the goal of an ecologically responsible production process – which also has an impact on logistics solutions.


The range of services available to customers includes:

  • Development of designs to maturity for serial production
  • Production of digital cutting patterns and development of grading
  • Production of prototypes
  • App Cel on demand: Rental of App Cel capacities
  • Development of test procedures for textile materials
  • Research and consultancy in the field of new materials and new technologies

App Cel will employ its own team of freelance developers, designers and skilled workers, all of whom have extensive experience in the development and production of clothing. Some of these colleagues are also shareholders of App Cel and are therefore personally committed to the success of the company.

But the customers of App Cel can work themselves on the machines and equipment handling materials under the expert guidance of our specialists.

The location will be located very conveniently in the north of Munich offering a space of approximately 350 m2, about 2 km from the A99 motorway and only about 100 m from the nearest S-Bahn station with its own parking.

App Cel will not build up its own production, but it will competently assist customers in selecting partners and production sites.